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About AstroRobotics

AstroRobotics is an Authorized GhostRobotics Solutions Provider

AstroRobotics specializes in the deployment of legged robots ideal for small to large scale surveillance and inspection. The GhostRobotics Vision 60 platform outperforms wheeled and tracked robots in unstructured terrain.

GhostRobotics + AstroRobotics Solution

Autonomous unmanned ground robots leverage the ability to perform a wide variety of use cases. Each use case, however, is unique. With this world changing technology, pilot projects are recommended. Contact AstroRobotics to discuss utilizing a robot solution to enhance your business.


GhostRobotics Vision 60

GhostRobotics Fleet Management

Contact AstroRobotics to discuss utilizing a robot solution

Autonomous robots will change the world one step at a time. 

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