Martin Woodall

AstroRobotics Founder & President Martin Woodall is an accomplished senior executive, entrepreneur, advisor, and board member with more than 40 years of success across the information services, technology, semiconductor, aerospace, and aviation industries. His broad areas of expertise include business development, investments, acquisitions, startups, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Woodall, who co-founded Internet radio pioneer with Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner, also serves as Founder and President of DroneData, a hosting provider of dedicated physical GPU accelerated servers that minimize drone analytic execution times and AI and Deep Learning execution times.

Woodall earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science from West Virginia University. From building construction to more than 20 years of operation, he continues to serve as a technology member of the Board of Directors for American Airlines Center. Martin Woodall is the Seed Investor of GhostRobotics located in Philadelphia, PA.